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What is Towny?

Towny is a cooperative game type in which players group together to form towns which are protected from griefing and mobs. Band together with friends or strangers to develop your town into a bustling metropolis!

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Town: Vinova


Town: Iceland

How can I build my town?

Towns are simple to found, but require a little bit of maintenance! The costs to build a town are as follows:

  • 50,000 to start a town

  • 10,000 daily upkeep for max. 10 town members. Daily upkeep increases with additional town members.

Read on to find out the commands to create and maintain your town!

Town: Iceland

Basic Commands


/sethome - Set a home

/home - Teleport to your set home

/warp - View the list of server warps

/rtp [wild/resource] - Teleport to a random location in the Wild or Resource world

/ch [local/global/town/nation] - Switch your current chat channel

/w [name] - Send a private message to the designated player

/r - Reply to the most recent private message

/kit - Access rank-based kits containing essential equipment

/shop - View the server shop to buy/sell in-game items

/ah - View player-listed items for sale on the auction house

/ah sell [price] - List your currently-held item for sale

Towny Commands

/t ? - See all town commands

/t spawn - Go to your towns spawn

/t new - Create a new town

/t list - See a list of all towns

/t claim - Claim a chunk for your town

/t deposit [amount] - Deposit money to your town bank

/t withdraw [amount] - Withdraw money from your town bank

/plot ? - See all plot commands

/plot claim - Claim a plot for sale in your town

/n ? - See all nation commands

/n spawn - Go to your nation spawn

/n new - Create a new nation


/jobs browse - View available jobs and select which job you'd like to join

/jobs info [jobname] - View detailed info for the designated job

/jobs stats - See your stats in the jobs you have joined

/jobs leave [jobname] - Leave the designated job


/trade [name] - Send the designated player a trade request

/trade accept - Accept a trade request sent by another player

/trade deny - Deny a trade request sent by another player

/trade block [name] - Block incoming trade requests from the designated player

Advanced Commands



/lock - Lock chests, furnaces & doors

/unlock - Remove your lock from a chest, furnace or door

/cmodify [name] - Grant another player access to your lock

/cpersist - Toggle your most recent lock command to persist until you use this command again

/lwc - View more info about lock commands


Town: Sanctuary


Town: Blue Skyes


In order to tame a pet, hit it with a lead until it is tamed.


/pcst - Choose a skill tree for your tamed pet

/pst - Send your pet away

/petswitch - Switch to another pet

/mypet - See all your available pet commands


Two players can marry to gain access to marriage commands


/marry listpriests - View a list of players who can officiate weddings

/marry chattoggle - Toggle a private chat with your partner

/marry tp - Teleport to your partner

/marry sethome - Set a home for both partners to access

/marry home - Teleport to your set marriage home

/marry gift - Give your currently held item to your partner


/warp wedding


Town: Mootain

Fishing Contests


/jf - View available commands

/jf top - View top players in the current fishing contest

/jf shop - Open a shop gui to sell fish you have caught, for $1 per cm

/jf toggle - Toggle fishing notifications

Lottery & Coinflip

/lottery gui - View the lottery menu

/lottery buy [number] - Buy the designated number of lottery tickets for 1,000 each

/cf - Open the coinflip menu

/cf create [amount] - Wager the designated amount on a coinflip for another player to accept via /cf



/exp withdraw [amount] - Withdraw the designated amount of experience into a usable, trade-able bottle

/exp withdraw all - Withdraw all of your experience into a bottle

/exp withdraw give [amount] [name] - Give the designated amount of exp in a bottle to the designated player

/graves - View all your active gravestones

/d [mob] - Disguise as the designated mob. Info on available mobs can be found at /warp info

/und - Unequip current disguise

Need more info? Ask our staff or check out /warp info!

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